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Visit at Sea War Museum Jutland

Last week we held our project meeting at the Sea War Museum Jutland.

Partners from the National Museum of Denmark, Ulster University and JD-Contractors met with our hosts to discuss the progress of the project. The first year of the project has already yielded a lot of new knowledge on the deterioration process and decay rate of shipwrecks.

During the meeting we also got a chance to visit the SWM exhibitions and memorial park for the Battle of Jutland where museum inspector Christian Toftgaard gave a tour.

Our partners at JD-Contractors kindly provided us with a tour of, as well as accommodation, at one of their ships "Assister".

Lastly we finished the meeting at JD-Contractors offices in Holstebro.

From the left: Anders Kanstrup, Anne Marie Høier Eriksen, Gert Normann Andersen, David Gregory, Rory Quinn, Chris McGonigle, Jan Majcher, Kristiane Strætkvern, Henning Matthiesen and Christian Toftgaard.

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